ICYMI: Video Highlights From the Network For Public Education’s PUBLIC “Education Nation”

The Network for Public Education

MSNBC has a show that is practically a commercial for the privatization of public education called “Education Nation.” Fans of charter schools, “school choice,” and other trendy approaches to education that enrich ed tech companies are all invited. Voices of those who feel the public education system — for all its flaws — is worthwhile […]

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"Erase to the Top" — The Michelle Rhee Test Score Scandal in Seussical Verse

Highly improbable rates of erasure of wrong answers to correct ones on standardized tests in DC have tarnished Michelle Rhee’s image as education reformer. The scandal took place under her tenure as Chancellor of DC Public Schools. Pressure from programs like Race to the Top that reward teachers based on improvements in standardized test scores, and the atmosphere of high-stakes testing are to blame. Reports of similar scandals have broke out in six other states.

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